Saturday 02 December 2023
Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
Main tasks of HSE department include:
1. Design and structure in HSE programs aimed at protecting workers in their employment from risks resulting from factors adverse to health.
2. Identify issues related to periodical health assessment of people who work, and deal with medical problems.
3. Determine, develop, and execute legal requirements of HSE contractors.
4. Decide and supervise HSE research projects in line with company’s objectives.
5. Identify change management methods and procedures.
6. Evaluate environment to determine pollutants based on approved criteria
7. Develop company’s HSE policies and strategic goals
8. Provide documentation, including: guidelines, executive methods, checklist necessary for operational units.
9. Follow up and enforce all directions and guidelines and execute methods issued by HSE Staff of NIORDC.
10. Plan, schedule and launch emergency drills, crisis management, and provide the management with the reports and analysis of the drills results.
11. Implement HSE audit in the company’s 11 Districts (Areas), and report identified unsafe cases.
12. Develop HSE professional committee, comprising of HSE heads in Districts, in order to review and share expertise concerning common issues and identify the problems.
13. Develop and internalize HSE culture at all levels of the organization.
14. Identify training needs of the HSE staff.
15. Attend and hold professional committees’ meetings.
16. Collect   respective statistics and data from the Districts, and provide HSE Staff with monthly reports of incidents, and fire cases.
17. Evaluate and analyze all incidents in NIORDC and prepare the related reports for the HSE Staff.
18. Identify and classify the potential risks in pipelines and installation projects.
19. Identify and evaluate HSE training and scientific centers, both local and international, in order to arrange HSE training course and seminars.
20. Perform needs analysis, and prioritize, and define HSE plans and research projects in NIORDC.
21. Supervise, manage and update HSE sit of the company; provide safety posters for operational units of the company.
22. Follow up and execute contractors’ HSE guidelines in all 11 Districts.
HSE Department Structure
HSE Staff includes the following:
A. Head of the HSE department
B. Head of the Safety and Fire unit
      1. Safety and Fire unit senior officer
      2. Safety and Fire specialist
      4. Fire fighting officer
C. Head of Environmental protection department
     1. Environmental protection senior expert
D. Head of Healthcare Department
    1. Senior Healthcare specialist
E. Head of HSE Training department