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Domestic Experts Renovate Vibration Systems of Electro Pumps and Turbo Pumps in North-East District

  • 11 January 2016
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Vibration systems of elector pumps and turbo pumps have been renovated in Semnan, Shahrood, and Sabzevar Pump Stations.

According to the report of Public Relations Office of the National Iranian Oil Pipelines and Telecommunication Company, North-East District, head of the Instrumentation Unit in the District announced the news and said: the previous system had low precision and was basically unsafe and irreparable.

Stressing the advantage of the new devices as being domestic, he continued: the new system enjoys acceptable standard since it has been updated and previous problems have been resolved.

He pointed out the importance of taking into account the vibration parameter of turbines, pumps and electro pumps and reiterated: the desired performance of these machines depends on the level of their vibration, which is one of the vital parameters of rotating machines.

Referring to reasonable prices of Iranian made machine compared to that of foreign made, he said: renovation of vibration systems of turbines and electro pumps was a good market for foreign companies, since they expected to monopolize the market with very high prices and make our oil industry dependent for a long time. Fortunately, by developing the new machine, our experts have foiled their expectations.

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