Saturday 02 December 2023
   The Pipelines Directorate
Iranian Oil Pipelines and Telecommunication Company ( IOPTC) ,as one of the subsidiary companies of  National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company( NIORDC) , is responsible for receiving crude oil from production fields or terminals and transporting it to refineries , receiving oil by-products from refineries and import terminals , and moving them to the storage tanks of NIORDC throughout the country. Supplying the fuel for power stations, airports, petrochemical companies, as well as transporting Middle Asia's crude oil from Neka Oil Terminal, are other responsibilities. The operation is carried out through 14,000 km of pipelines, 175 Pump Stations, Installations, Pressure Reducing stations and 215 Telecommunication Stations.
 The Pipelines Directorate
Half a century experience in oil transport industry in the largest energy consumer country in the Middle East has made the Pipelines Directorate one of the most efficient companies in crude oil and oil products transportation operation in the Middle East.
The Directorate is in charge of a network with annual operation amounting to 56 billion tons km of crude oil and oil by-products. Feeding refineries, moving oil products of 7 refineries, and transporting imported products to respective storage tanks are yet among other duties of the Pipelines Directorate.
There are 11 Districtsto carry out the operation of the Pipelines Directorate. These Districtsinclude Khuzestan, Lorestan, Central, Tehran, Northeast, Fars, Northwest, Isfahan, West, Southeast, and North Districts.
Facilities and Operational units
Transporting huge amount of oil products trans- Iran, which is considered the 16th major crude oil consumer in the world, must be safe and steady. This in turn requires round the clock operations as well as appropriate routs to reach the pipelines, utilizing skillful operational manpower. To this end, the following existing equipment is used:
-14,000 km pipelines from 16" to 36" in diameter
- 186 Pump Stations, Pressure Reducing Stations and Installations
-320 Cathodic Protection Stations
- 1,350,000 horse power pumps installed in Pump Stations and Installations
- 375 pressure enhancement pumps
-163 power generating sets (Turbine)
- 248 power generating sets (Electromotor)
- 24 sets of Turbo Generators
The Pipelines Directorate: Specialist and Qualified
Enjoying 50 years of experience in operation, utilizing one of the most developed crude oil and refined products transportation networks in the Middle East have distinguished all those working in the Pipelines Directorate as the most up-to-date activists in the oil transport industry in the regional and international arena.
Technical and operational expertise of the people in the Pipelines Directorate in the following fields have made it possible to carry out the task of transporting oil products and feeding the refineries in Iran, in the  most secure way: 
-Establishing oil pump stations, pipelines, and installations
- Repairing different types of gas turbines
- Repairing different types of pumps
- Oil pump stations operation
- Leakage detection, reconstruction, and renovation of pipelines and casing
- Installation and operation of different types of gas turbines
- Installation and operation of different types of high pressure power stations
-Supplying fuel for power stations