Saturday 02 December 2023
Telecommunication Directorate
Communications and Telecommunications are among the most important infrastructure development, both economic and industrial. The Oil Industry Telecommunications, which is as old as the industry itself, renders services to all sections in the Oil industry.
Telecommunication Directorate of "Iranian Oil Pipelines and Telecommunication Company (IOPTC)" provides high quality and the most effective industrial communication services. It is charge with the responsibility of securing the continuous industrial telecommunications, and local, audio, video, computer, installations and vast pipeline network communications. Securing the communications of   subsidiary companies of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC), as well as some of the affiliated companies of the Oil Industry  is among other responsibilities of Telecommunication Directorate.
Having an efficient telecommunications network is an inevitable requirement in the Oil Industry so that the operation of moving and refining oil can take place smoothly. Telecommunication Directorate has achieved this objective while utilizing its technical capacities, including:
- Designing, installing, starting, and operating telecom microwave and V.H.F networks
- Designing, installing, starting, and operating the Oil Industry Switching network
- Designing, installing, and operating sound systemespecially for industrial areas use
- Repairing, maintaining, and operating radio, telephone and fiber optic communication networks