Saturday 02 December 2023
Technical Inspection
Main Duties of Technical Inspection Department are as follows:
1.      Defining technical inspections policies and formulating the respective plans considering operational programs of the Districts.
2.      Studying and formulating methods of maintenance, repair and operation of installation, and machinery of the company.
3.      Performing technical inspection of pipelines and machinery.
4.      Performing   inspection and quality control of plans in construction phase.
5.      Overseeing oil products delivery, measurement, and control.
6.      Reviewing incidents and accidents in pipelines, pump stations, and installation, and advising solutions to problems.
7.      Cooperation with other companies and laboratories rendering technical and supervising services.
8.      Performing crude oil and oil products quality and quantity controls.
9.      Overseeing and inspecting crude oil and oil products terminals at the ports.
10. Checking the telecommunication quality throughout the Operational Districts.
11. Reviewing customers’ complaints concerning the company’s telecommunication system.