Saturday 02 December 2023
Playing an active role along with continuous presence in all units and departments of the company, Security Organization, enjoying qualified personnel, takes necessary measures to protect the company against any military, political, cultural and moral activity that would harm company’s manpower, buildings, installation, documents, property,… and daily operations in the following areas: 
-Safeguarding properties and documents
-Organizing integrated safeguarding and security
-Collecting and analyzing information
-Daily collection of accurate reports from the Districts and disseminating them in the form of news bulletin
 Security Organization Structure  
-Physical safeguarding
-Guarding central buildings
- Administrative, logistic and training Services       
-Coordinating Security Units operation of the Districts
-Safeguarding documents and deeds
- Safeguarding information
-Electronic Safeguarding
- Receiving information and messages round the clock
-Preparing reports,   analyzing and disseminating news
- Confidential office and Secretariat
- Issuing identification cards