Saturday 02 December 2023
Research and Development (R& D)
Today, the technology is considered to be the cornerstone of the organisations and industrial developments. Therefore, accommodating technology in strategic planning of the organisations seems inevitable. 
If research is treated as the most important element in acquiring and utilizing modern technology, its importance and chain relation with strategic planning of the organisations is highlighted. As a result, the Oil Industry in the country has established and equipped R & D departments in all affiliated companies. The move has been supported by the top management to highlight the idea that the R& D departments have passed their emergence period and are going through maturation phase.
The R&D departments in Iranian Oil Pipelines and Telecommunication Company (IOPTC) ,along with its routine activities, together with the managing director and the members of R & D Council, has designed a framework including some criteria ,requirements and limitations aiming at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of  the research endeavors, including but not limited to the following:
-          Feasibility of the proposed research plans and projects
-          Requirements to obtain the comments of the Units and departments that implement the results of the research plans and projects in different aspects
-          A comprehensive review of the appropriateness of the proposed plans and projects with the company's mission and fields of activities, and making sure that they are in line with the company's priorities and strategic programs.
Research Areas and Topics
The company's R & D department, enjoying 5 years experience, has made impressive strides in executing research programs.   Based on the research system charter of the Oil Industry which aims at paving the way for growth, creativity and innovation in research activities, the following areas, inter alia, are of research interests in Iranian Oil Pipelines and Telecommunication Company:
-          Establishment and continuous improvement of productivity systems
-          Patterning and reaching international indices
-          Technology development and transfer , and implementation of the modern technology  
-          Optimizing oil transportation network, and minimizing operational problems
-          Health, safety, and environmental issues
-           Protection against corrosion and minimizing wastes
-          Communication and telecommunication switching networks, and electronic protection systems
-          Implementing nanotechnology in the Oil Industry pipelines and telecommunication system
-          Energy consumption, management and optimization
-          Industrial engineering, human resources, and industrial accounting
-          ITC and its applications
There are also many technical and engineering plans and projects carried out, underway, or under considerations.
 In addition, the R& D department has the responsibility of sponsoring, coordinating, and guiding post graduates and PhD students' research projects. Hence, the department has already sponsored some post graduates research projects and it is expected that the number of sponsored dissertations increases as the company develops its ties with top universities in the country.