Saturday 02 December 2023
Legal and Contracts Affairs
   Carrying out all legal and contracts    issues, and providing   legal advice on any issue related to the decisions, actions and operations of the company while ensuring their conformity with the regulations and the rules in force.
The Legal Department performs the following duties for the company:
-          The acquisition of land for pipelines, pump stations, telecommunications, installation and buildings as required by the company throughout the country.
-          Supervising and reviewing the formulation and the drawing up of all written agreements and legally binding documents requested by the directorates, and giving opinion and legal advice and interpretation in relation to the contents and implications of these agreements.
-          Preparation and formulation of leasing, mortgage,… contracts.
-          Preparation and formulation of proceedings for general assembly and regular and special meetings.
-          Registration of ratified balance sheet, and financial statements of the company in registry offices and official journal.
-          Drafting possible amendments in company’s Articles of Association and registering them in registry offices as well as advertising in official journal of the country.
-          Attending case files in courts and domestic and international arbitration to defend company’s rights and interests 
-          Reviewing case files, preparation of the claim or the defense, and gathering all supporting documentation in relation to individuals and legal entities
Structure of Legal and Contracts Affairs Directorate:
A.     Litigation and Counseling affairs
B.     Land & registration affairs
C.     Contracts affairs
1. Contract affairs
2. Statistics, documents, and reports
D.     The Districts Legal and Contracts affairs