Saturday 02 December 2023
Internal Auditing
This Directorate is in charge of the following tasks:
1.      Executing and reinforcing internal controls of the company, as well as providing and confirming internal checks reports based on respective standards, and submitting them to the company’s managing director.
2.      Review operations or programs to ascertain the implementation of performance standards and compliance with codified laws of the company in relation to registration, classification, summary and interpretation of financial statements, as well as advising practical solutions to guarantee the exactness of prepared financial statements.
3.        Review the systems established to ensure compliance with company’s policies,    plans, procedures, laws, and regulations in all Executive and Staff activities of the company.
4.      Providing, formulating, amending and updating auditing guidelines in compliance with professional standards and changes in company’s policies, procedures and directions. 
5.      Controlling, and approving plans provided by auditing heads in Districts and Staff ; providing annual auditing schedule ,taking into account managing director and boards ‘ views as well as company’s objectives and policies.
6.      Cooperating with official inspectors and the Technical Investigation Department of the company as required; Cooperation with Systems and Financial procedures Department and providing necessary advice.
7.      Cooperating with internal auditors from National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company concerning computer programs and communicating the respective reports.
8.      Receiving and implementing instructions from board of directors and managing director; continuous follow up on company’s objectives, procedures, plans, regulations and ratifications of the board, in order to strengthen internal controls and execute the tasks and duties in compliance with internal auditing responsibilities. 
9.      Continuous contact with board members,   heads of the departments and Staff, and Districts / Area Managers to communicate auditing reports and negotiate action plans to address the problems.
10. Guiding and advising the auditors in dealing with procurement operation, as well as providing and executing construction, and transportation contracts.
11.   Rendering technical advice in connection with current auditing activities such as the means of safeguarding assets and, as appropriate, verify the existence of such assets, inventory, and property controls of the company to check compliance with property ledger, and mechanized reports. Reviewing NIORDC crude oil delivery procedures.
12. Assuring the existence and effectiveness of internal controls related to payrolls, salaries, wages, and pensions.
13.  Defining and interpreting the Districts’ heads of accounting responsibilities and authorities and overseeing their activities.
14. Employing qualified manpower in accordance with company’s regulations and overseeing their conducts and ethics; confirming their transfer, promotion, and assessments as well as arranging auditing training in cooperation with Training Department. 
15. Estimating and suggesting personnel budget and approving costs as required.
16. Attending related meetings such as training council, and documentation evaluation meetings.