Saturday 02 December 2023
Financial Affairs Directorate
The Financial Affairs Directorate is in charge of financial tasks and duties, including, but not limited to, the following:
-          Preparing and formulating financial system of the Company based on the policies and ratifications of the Board of Directors and Shareholders' General Assembly
-          Overseeing, controlling, approving and ratifying the company's total budget, statement of operations, statement of profit and loss, annual balance sheet , and financial reports to send to the Board of Directors, general assembly, internal audit and legal inspection
-          Implementing managerial accounting with the aim of cost finding, and defining the cost of transportation and distribution of the goods and communication services
-          Ratifying and communicating all the financial methods  , and directions as well as financial notices which are formulated to improve and enhance the current financial methods , establish internal controls ,and optimize the use of  the capabilities of the mechanized system
-          Observing the financial accounting standards in book keeping and in the company's accounting
-          Overseeing the financial  contents of the company's contracts in order to check if they are in accordance with laws and regulations, and approving the pays to contractors