Saturday 02 December 2023
Engineering and Plans /Projects Directorate
The Directorate is mainly in charge of executing Iranian Oil Pipelines and Telecommunication Company’s projects in the following areas: 
-Establishing new pipelines
-Replacing present pipelines
-Manufacturing and installing storage tanks
-Replacing pipelines coating
-Constructing pump stations, installation, and administrative, industrial, and resort buildings
-Installing and running power and precision tools equipment
-Reviewing, planning, and providing instructions and contract documents of all projects of the company
-Cost estimation, tender arrangements, choosing contractors and consultants
-Supervising civil engineering projects, installations, power plant, precision tools, electronics, mechanics, corrosion /cathodic protection and telecommunication projects
Engineering and Plans /Projects Directorate Structure
A.     Engineering and plans affairs
1.      Civil engineering planning
2.      Installation planning
3.      Power services
4.      Mechanical and cathodic protection planning
5.      Telecommunications planning
6.      Technical and engineering services
7.      Precision tools and electronic planning
B.     Contracts and engineering estimations
1. Engineering contracts
2. Cost estimation
      C. Plans/ Projects execution affairs
             Supervising projects in the following fields:
           1. Civil engineering 
           2. Installation 
           3. Power
          4. Precision tools and electronics
          5. Mechanic and cathodic protection
          6. Telecommunications
         7. Buildings and installation
C.     Coordination and supervision of major plans / projects
1.      Supervising industrial plans/ projects
2.      Supervising non-industrial plans/ projects
      E. Coordinating and controlling projects
      G. Administrative services
       H. Projects procurement