Saturday 02 December 2023
Administrative Directorate
The Administrative Directorate is responsible for the following tasks and duties:
-          Promulgating internal guidelines, methods and systems of personnel recruitment, retain and replacement of manpower
-          Designing recreational and sports programs, holding social, cultural and artistic programs. To this end ,the Administrative Directorate executes the following :
      . Planning in order to recruit the required skilled manpower
      . Offering personnel training courses in order to enhance the scientific                    knowledge of the staff
      . Offering social, cultural, and athletic services to the staff and their families
       - Defining employees' compensation, wages, promotions and the respective benefit packages.
      - Executing all personnel affairs
      - Designing mechanized programs to prepare the required statistics and information
     - Providing the desired health care for the staff and their families
     - Offering effective information dissemination to the employees concerning the regulations and directions
     - Handling employees grievance, worries and problems
In order to carry out its responsibilities, the Administrative Directorate has different departments including, among others: Work Relations and Social Work Dep., HR Dep., Staff dep., Technical Services dep., Training Dep., and etc.