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Southeast District


Rafsanjan Pump Station and Installations

This station is located 10km from Rafsanjan County, near   Rafsanjan-Yazd highway, in an area of 55hectares at an altitude of 1495m above the sea level. Oil products form 26" Bandar Abbas pipeline reach   Rafsanjan Station after traveling 449 km.

A 14" pipeline with the length of 125 km and a loop pipeline with the length of 83 km stretch to Kerman from Rafsanjan in order to supply the fuel for Kerman storage tanks and Baghein power station. Also a 16" pipeline from this station with the capacity of transporting 120,000 b/d with the length of 221 km is extended to Yazd, Naien and Isfahan. A 20" loop pipeline accompanies this 16" pipeline. In addition to 14" and 16" pipelines, a 20" pipeline, transporting 200.000 barrels per day moves the oil products from this station to Isfahan via Yazd and Naein Stations.

    In the case of incompatibility of 26" pipeline products with those in branched off lines, 3 sets of Booster Pumps (Ansaldo-United) with the power of transporting 120.000 barrels (19 million liters) per day supply the necessary oil products of branched off lines from balanced storage tanks.

Rafsanjan Station in addition to transporting 26" pipeline products to mentioned lines, supplies the oil for Rafsanjan Oil Storage Facility. There are 3 sets of electro pumps with the power of 1950 KW each and the capacity of 1312 cubic meter per hour on 20" pipeline, and 3 sets of electro pumps with the power of 170 KW and the capacity of 795 m3 per hour on the 14" and 16" pipelines.

Other facilities

Emergency Power Diesel generator: 1 set, 715 KW

Fire fighting Diesel: 1 set, 525 hp

Electro pumps for fire fighting water: 3 sets, 229 KW

2 Fire fighting pools,   capacity 8,000 cubic meters

Foam maker: 2 sets

2 Electricity posts:   63 KW


Southeast telecommunication facility is in two parts:

  1. Telecommunication station that is located in center of the  District
  2. Telecommunication Located in Bandar Abbas Refinery


Telecommunication coverage of this District

  1. Bandar Abbas, Ghotb Abad, Mehraran, Rafsanjan, Yazd, Naein Pump Stations
  2. Kerman and Naein installations
  3. Bandar Abbas Refinery
  4. Hormozgan, Kerman, Yazd Oil Products Distribution
  5. Gas pipeline company (Bandar Abbas-Kerman route)

Number of telecommunication stations of this District:

There are 25 stations this District.


Mehraran Pump Station

This Station is located in the north of Hormozgan province,   100 km from     Ghotb Abad Station, and 3 km from Bandar Abbas-Sirjan highway, in dry and desert climate, at an altitude of 1426 above the sea level .There are 4 sets of Solar Turbines with the power of 6500 hp, and Bingham main pumps with the power of 610 m3 per hour at this Station to carry out the operation.

Crew size

63 employees work in this station on periodical 12 hours shifts (31 permanent &   32 contract employees).



Other equipment

Caterpillar Diesel generator: 1 set, power 650 KW

Kerosene storage tank: 2 sets, capacity 2150 m3

Relief tank: 1 set, 1070 m3

Kerosene storage tank: 1 set, capacity 90 m3

Fire fighting water tank: 2 tanks, capacity 5000 m3

 There are 2 Diesel pumps with the power of 248 KW and an electrical pump with the power of 440 KW at the fire fighting station.

Staff facilities

Guest house / mosque and praying room / 36 organizational houses/ canteen / sports club /swimming pool / school (Mehraran Training Center) / clinic


Yazd Pump Station and Installations

This station is located in an area of 18.000 hectares,   at an altitude of 1267 above the   sea level in the west part of Yazd County. The Station receives the oil products from Rafsanjan, supplies the fuel need for Yazd County (Yazd Oil Storage Facility is 4 km away from the Station), and moves the oil products to Naein Pump Station, 147 km away

 The 16" pipeline with 3 sets of 1170 KW electro pumps and the capacity of transporting 400 m3 per hour, the 20" pipeline with 3 sets of 2200 KW electro pumps     and the capacity of transporting 1312 m3 per hour are there to carry out the operation.

Crew size

38 employees (30 permanent and 8 contract employees)


Oil storage tank: 3 sets,   20 million liters each

Fire fighting water storage tank: 2 sets,   5 million liters

 A moveable fire fighting Diesel with the power of 211 KW

 2 sets of 494 KW Diesel pumps and 1 set of 440 KW electro pump  

Staff facilities

Guest house / 4 fully equipped caravans / 7 residential buildings / ping pong saloon/ volleyball court ….




Sirjan oil transport Installation

This terminal, which started operation in 1978, is located 100km from Mehraran Station at an altitude of 7140m above the   sea level in Sirjan Distribution Facility. 8" and 16" pipelines branched off the 26" line carry oil products (kerosene, gas oil and gasoline) to supply Sirjan County.

There are 8 storage tanks, (40 million liters) in the terminal to receive 250,000 liters of products per hour. 

Crew size

5employees (5 permanent and 1 contract employees)


Staff facilities

Guest house / 1 caravan / 4 residential buildings








Naein Pump Station

It is located 22km southeast of Naein County at an altitude of 1589m above the sea level in an area of 12hectares. 20" and 16" Rafsanjan-Isfahan pipeline pass through this station. 20" pipeline with 3 electro pumps with the power of 1950 KW each and the capacity of 1312m3 per hour (200.000 barrels per day) and 16" pipeline with 3 electro pumps with the power of 1166KW each and the capacity of transporting 630 m3 oil products, pump the oil products to Isfahan Pump Station.

A 16" pipeline with the length of 14 km, supplies the Naein Distribution storage tanks.

Crew size

23 permanent employees, 10 contract workers, in 3 shifts.

Other equipment

Storage tank (material) with the capacity of 480 m3

Ground tank: 2 sets, capacity: 13500 liters plus separator tank and diesel fuel tank


Staff Facility

Guest house / 5 residential buildings in Naein city / praying room / 7 rest caravans at the station


Kerman Pump Station

It is located in Kerman city at an altitude of 1759 m above the sea level, in an area of 5100 m2 (1500 m of green space) near Kerman Oil Storage Facility. This installation with 125km 14" pipeline and a 14" loop pipeline with the length of 83km, supplies Kerman Oil Storage Facility with the capacity of 189 million liters. Also, it provides fuel for Baghein Power Station at the km 92nd to Rafsanjan-Kerman through 600m 8" pipeline.


Crew size

13 employees (9 permanent and 4 contract workers in 3 shifts)

Other equipment

There are 9 oil products storage tanks, 1 material tank with the total capacity of 190 million liters.


Staff Facilities

Guest house / praying room / 5 residential buildings


Ghotb Abad Pump Station

It is located 134km from Bandar Abbas Pump Station at an altitude of 1004m above the sea level, near Bandar Abbas-Sirjan transit highway in a dry and desert area. This station started operation in 1992. At present the Station is responsible for moving oil products using 2 sets of Solar Turbines with the power of 6500 hp, and main pumps with the power of 993/6 m3 per hour. There is 78900 m2 of industrial area, and 2000 m2 of green space. Drinking water and fire fighting water is provided from Haji Abad County   70 km away from   the Station.


Crew size

65 employees (34 permanent and 31 contract staff) are working in periodical shifts (14+14) in two 12 hour shifts, 34 permanent and 31 contracts.


Other equipment

-2 fixed roof tanks: capacity   2150 m3 each

-3 Underground tanks for receiving oil products

-1 dirty material fixed roof tank:   capacity 1070 m3

-2 Arial tanks:  for drinking water

-Caterpillar Diesel generator: 2 sets, 650 KW   to supply electricity

-2 Arial tanks: for supplying the emergency liquid fuel of turbines and Diesel generators

-FE Wilson Diesel generator: 1 set, 484 KW for supplying the electricity for residential buildings

Caterpillar Diesel pump: 1 set

Electro pump: 1 set, with the power of 130 KW installed for fire fighting system


Staff facilities 

 34 residential buildings / a mosque/ canteens / sports saloons / a guest house



Bandar Abbas Pump Station and Installation

Bandar Abbas Pump Station is located   2 km from Bandar Abbas city; in the zero km of 26" Bandar Abbas -Ghotb Abad pipeline, and the southeast part of Bandar Abbas Refining Company. It receives the imported products and products of the Refinery (gas oil, kerosene, gasoline, super gasoline) and transports them to other stations along the 26" pipeline route.

This station is equipped with 2 Solar Turbines with the power of 6500 hp, and 2 sets of mains S.B.pumps with the power of 662/4 m3 per hour. A new transporting station is established with 4 sets of (A.B.B Sulerz) electro motors with the power of 3425 KW and main pumps transporting 795 cubic meters each per hour (795000 liters). This station is in an area of 76000 m2 (in which more than 4000 m2 is green space).


Crew size

37 permanent workers, 24 contract workers, in 3 shifts



Other equipment

-Kerosene fixed tank: 2 sets, capacity: 2150 m2

-Kerosene underground tank: 1 set for supplying turbines fuel with the capacity of 90 m2

-Dirty material fixed tank: 1 set, capacity 1070 m2

-The 8" pressured fire fighting water system  


Other facilities

Accommodation as well as educational services, and other facilities such as canteen, sports saloon, cinema, and swimming pool are provided for all the employees.