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Lorestan Distric


Lorestan District

One of the eleventh Districts of the Iranian Oil Pipelines and Telecommunication Company (IOPTC), Lorestan District was first established in 1959 in an area of 513 m² in the southeast of Khorram Abad County. It is also one of the four routes which connect the south to the north in the country (Khuzestan, Lorestan, Central, and Tehran).

All the technical and Staff units are stationed in the center of Lorestan District.

Operational Zone


The operational zone of the District begins from Pole Zal (Zal Bridge) river leading to Tange Azane. There are 30" to 26" pipelines for crude oil, and 16" to 20", and 10" to 14" for refined products transport. The length of the pipeline is 700km.


Subsidiary Pump Stations and Installations

▪       Afareeneh Pump Station

▪       Asara  Pump Station

▪       Tange Fani Pump Station

▪       Pole Baba Hossain Pump Station

Lorestan District Telecommunication


Lorestan District telecommunications is responsible for supplying and maintaining    the smooth running of telecommunications in the District, the subsidiary Pump Stations, Khorram Abad installations, Lorestan District Distribution Facilities, Khorram Abad Oil Storage Facilities, Brojerd District, and Badr Abad procurements. There are 11 active stations and 4 inactive ones (Patio) in order to carry out the tasks and duties.


Subsidiary Telecommunication Stations


▪       Zaghe Telecommunications Station (T.S)

▪       Pole Baba Hossein T.S

▪       Veesian T.S

▪       Kooh Dasht T.S

▪       Tange Fani T.S

▪       Gardne Choole T.S

▪       Asar T.S

▪       Boloran T.S

▪       Afarineh T.S

▪       Badr Abad T.S

▪       Khorram Abad Telecommunications Site

▪       Four inactive Stations (patio)








Staff Facilities

The District enjoys the following cultural, sports, social, and health care facilities:

Cultural- Religious complex including: praying rooms, library, movie & CD center training classrooms, computer center, cinema, sports club, football field, volleyball field, footsal and basketball saloons, swimming pool, children park, kindergarten, training complex, canteen, guest house, bakery, butchery, clinic, and barbershop.



Crew size

There totally 265 permanent employees, including District center, Pump Stations and affiliated installations' staff



Number of organisational houses: 148

Resident families in the center of the area: 80

      Resident families in Khorram Abad city: 50

Total population: 400