Saturday 02 December 2023
International Certificates
Expertise and experience of the dedicated people in IOPTC in all respective fields of activities have made it possible for the company to meet criteria of international standards and modern technology. In this line, the company has been awarded standard certificates by DQS and IQNET in all sites and Areas including the Pump Stations, installations, Telecommunication Stations, and corrosion protection sites as follow:
Certificates Awarded
-          Following a satisfactory assessment in all affiliated areas by auditors from DQS, ISO 9001 Certificate for Quality Management Systems was awarded.
-          After a satisfactory assessment in 9 operational zones by auditors from DQS, the Certificate of compliance with ISO 14000 for Environmental Management Systems was awarded.
-          Following satisfactory audits in 8 operational zones the OHSAS-18001 Certificate was awarded for Environmental Health, Safety, and Management Systems.
-          I.M.S Certificate was awarded for implementing Integrated Management Systems in 8 operational zones.
Furthermore, the   IOPTC as one of the top companies in implementing management systems throughout the country was awarded with DQS trophyin the 4TH TQM (Total Quality Management) seminar.