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Risk Management System established in West District Procurement and Warehouse Unit

  • 04 January 2016
  • 08:19
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Risk Management System (ISO 31001) was established in West District Procurement and Warehouse Unit. According to the report by Public Relations Office of the National Iranian Oil Pipelines and Telecommunication Company, West District, the management representative broke the news and added: as provision and availability of goods and services play vital roles in every organization in order to carry out tasks, and thus, to achieve predefined organizational objectives, there seemed to be an urgent need for an effective and appropriate system in this respect.

Shapour Ali-ee went on as: The establishment of an effective system provides quick access to goods and services, and since the goods are kept in compliance with international standards, it prevents wastes and extra costs. Also, the procurement process which follows the standard systems reduces the risks of misuse.

Among other merits of the System he mentioned the regular and timely clearance of the goods and prevention of overlapping of duties and functions.

Referring to considerations of 2015/1394 goal setting of the District ,he noted : the establishment of this system in the District ,will improve the situation in terms of centralizing the procurement ,and enhancing the keeping and clearing of the goods. In addition, other issues are to be taken into account as well, such as the effects of the known risks on the capital and credit as well as safety and environmental issues of the Company. In this regard, managerial structure and respective guidelines were codified based on ISO31001 standard.

Ali-ee pointed out: after regulating the structure and guidelines, the existing problems in procurement, keeping and clearance of the goods were identified and preventive measures were determined. This was followed by necessary planning to overcome the possible problems.

He referred to practical advantages of this system and said: cost reduction, keeping and clearance of the goods, as well as creating incentives in the job, division of labor, defining responsibility, accountability, authority, and preventing financial misuses are among the practical benefits of the system .This provide the managers with the necessary information in time of making quick, effective, and predictable decisions.

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