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More than 1400 Calibration cases of industrial equipment carried out in Esfahan District

  • 30 December 2015
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   More than 1400 Calibration cases of industrial equipment carried out in Esfahan District

Since the beginning of the this year (based on Iranian solar calendar) more than 1400 calibration processes of industrial equipment were performed by Esfahan District personnel including; turbines protection and monitoring system equipment, and industrial area equipment.

According to the report of  Public Relations Office of the National Iranian Oil Pipelines and Telecommunication Company , Esfahan  District, Mr. Ali Akbar Haydarpour, head of the Instrumen Maintenance and Repair  Unit , said : since the beginning of the this year, 1431 periodical calibration of the instrumentation equipment cases have been performed, out of which 705 cases of them different protection system equipment as well as  monitoring and control equipment of turbines , electromotors  , accessories and metering system. The remaining 726 calibration cases were related to industrial area equipment  including: gauges, transmitters, and protection  switches of pressure,  temperature and material levels as well as safety valves, and relief valves of  Maroon - Esfahan Pump Station .

He highlighted the importance of calibration of industrial equipment and consistent of measurements with international standards and added: in order to ensure the accuracy of metrological parameters of all measuring devices, and considering its relationship with sustainable transfer of  oil products, it is necessary to perform periodical and precise calibration of these indicators and hence maintain their performance according to defined parameters.

     In his final remarks he reemphasized the significance of calibration of measuring instrument and added: without calibration there will be no reliable results from measurement. Thus, every device has to be carefully tested and calibrated based on their technical specifications.

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