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Three sets of Ball Valves overhauled and repaired in Shazand Pump Station

  • 28 December 2015
  • 10:29
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Three sets of Ball Valves overhauled and repaired in Shazand Pump Station


Three sets of ball valves in 14", 16", and 20" inches have been overhauled and repaired in Shazand Pump Station.

The report by Public Relations Office of National Iranian Oil Pipelines and Telecommunication Company, Central District, quotes Abolfazl Shafiei, senior engineer of Maintenance and Mechanical Repair of the District as saying: the balls and pipes play a critical role in the operation of the 40 million liter storage tanks located in Shazand Pump Station.

He further elaborated that to carry out the task, first the different parts of the valve were inspected the damaged parts, especially the balls and seats, were determined. Then, the damaged seat rings and the respective springs were replaced.

Shafiei went on: the valves were manufactured and machining followed. Then it was time for grinding operation followed by electroless nickel plating (ENP).Finally, the balls were polished and assembled. According to Shafiei the three valves were tested in compliance with D6API standard.

Shafiei described the manufacturing and grinding of the balls in the country as infrequent and added: the manufacturers previously imported the balls of the valves. This successful operation, which relied on the domestic capabilities, entailed considerable currency savings for both our country and company.

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