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Esfahan-Ray 24" Control Valve manufactured in Tehran District

  • 09 December 2015
  • 14:01
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Esfahan-Ray 24" Control Valve manufactured in Tehran District

Esfahan-Ray 24" pipeline control valve was designed , manufactured and installed in Tehran District , a breakthrough among 12 Districts of the Iranian Oil Pipelines and Telecommunication Company (IOPTC).

A report released by Tehran District Public Relations Office of IOPTC quotes the head of the Instrumentation Department of this District as saying that the control valve manufactured by Pishro Sanat Amal Company is fully smart, and is capable of automatically controlling and regulating pressure and flow rate in control loops.

Mr. Mahmood Ramezanpour added: since in the past, there was no control valve in the route, the desired flow rate for the refinery was supplied via bypass line. However, by manufacturing this control valve the refinery input feed is regulated, and in time of need the direct dispatch of the product to pump station is possible.

Concerning the advantages of this valve he mentioned: all parts of the valve meet international standards. In addition, the regulation of crude oil and oil products input and output is automated, and the valve body material complies with all other valves used in pipelines.

Ramezanpour also reiterated that the new control valve is also economical, since there will be no need for workforce to regulate the valve, and flow rate control of the valve is monitored by an operator.

The head of the Instrumentation Department further pointed out: the maximum exploitation pressure in the pipeline is 22bar , yet, this valve has withstood up to 75bar in the manufacturer's workshop test.

In his final remarks he added: as the control valve is manufactured by domestic qualified engineers and enjoys guarantee, in case of any problems, the respective operator will be ready in less than 24 hours to fix the valve.

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