Saturday 02 December 2023
Procurement Services Directorate
Iranian Oil Pipelines and Telecommunication Company (IOPTC) is one of the subsidiary companies of National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC).It is in charged of the critical responsibility of transporting crude oil from wellhead to gathering and processing facilities and from there to refineries and receiving refined products from refineries import terminals and moving them to storage tanks of the NIORDC throughout the country. The company is also responsible for supplying fuel for power stations, airports, petrochemical industries, as well as transporting crude oil from the Middle Asian countries from Neka Oil Terminal to the refineries in the Northern part of the country. 14,000 km of pipelines stretched Trans- country, 186 Pump Stations, installations, and Pressure Reducing Stations and 293 Telecommunication Stations are employed to carry out the operation. 
Many economic commentators maintain that oil industry, due to its distinctive features, enjoys a prominent role in the economic development of a country. This is seen in the fact that the Procurement Services Directorate, in line with implementing one of the major strategies of the company , has taken great strides to support and encourage domestic manufacturers and industrialists to manufacture the required parts and equipment for the Oil Industry of the country. This, in turn, would facilitate the economic and industrial development, as well as domestication of oil industry technology.
The Directorate has embarked upon a win-win interaction with industrialists in order to provide mutual benefits for parties involved. The result has been the manufacturing of important items and parts which are frequently used in the country's Oil Industry. The benefits have been twofold. Cutting off the dependency on foreign countries on the one hand, and on the other hand creating the required capacity for local industries presence in flourishing market of the Oil Industry.
Supporting domestic manufacturers
IOPTC has implemented a policy of utilizing maximum scientific and technical capacities of the local manufacturers. Designing practical mechanisms and full-scale support of the domestic industries such as rendering support services such as technical information and expert advice also stem from the same policy. Hence, the designing, engineering, and manufacturing of required parts and equipment for the Oil Industry have been facilitated and boosted dramatically. The outcome has meant remarkable achievements for the company in the areas such as mechanical engineering, power engineering, and chemicals. There are also further projects in the same areas underway.