In the name of God

Oh Reformer of hearts and minds, Director of day and night, Transformer of conditions; change ours to the best in accordance with Your will.

The calendars are turned over in the spring breeze and the New Year begins.

Now that the pen of creation has drawn another picture of the beauty of nature, and depicted a spectacular scene of the singing birds in the musk of spring breeze, it is befitted us to praise this unique beauty while murmuring " oh reformer of hearts and minds ".

It is spring, the time of growing and succulence, the season of belief, and the glory of the Lord. Verily, there is another manifestation of the Almighty's Verses in the world, where the earth is singing the green Verses of being and leaving.

We thank our Lord who has bestowed the sweetness of the coming of another year upon us, so that we ponder on what we have passed and in His munificence strive for honor, pride and prosperity.

And how good is the auspicious coincidence of the Nationalization of Iranian Oil Industry with the rebirth of the nature. Thus, I would like to take the chance to appreciate all the efforts made by our dear colleagues throughout the year, and ask the Almighty God for more achievement via our collective cooperation, communion, and consultation.

Let me congratulate all of you, the great family members of the Iranian Oil Pipelines and Telecommunication Company, on the coming of the New Year, Nowruz, and the spring of nature, and wish you a year full of success, blessing and well-being.


Managing Director


Managing Director’s Message

Iranian Oil Pipelines and Telecommunication Company ( IOPTC) ,as one of the subsidiary companies of National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company( NIORDC) has set its goal to play an effective role in the growth of national economy, and secure transportation of huge amount of crude oil and  oil products. To this end, pipelines are developed, maintained, and operated in a safe, secure and sustainable way, backed by industrial telecommunications network. The whole operation enjoys 99.999 % confidence.
There are 11 Operational Districts across the country working   under IOPTC. The Districts are working round- the- clock to transport crude oil from wellheads and production fields to refineries,    carry crude oil from Caspian Sea regional countries (SWAP), receive refined oil products such as gasoline, super gasoline, kerosene, and gas oil, from refineries and import terminals and move them to respective storage facilities across the country. In addition, the company supplies the fuel for the power stations, airports and parts of petrochemical industries via 14000km of pipelines trans- country as well as 175 pump stations and pressure reducing facilities , and 215 telecommunication stations.